Staff Directory

Teaching Staff
Trina Alkema
Early Childhood Education, Health, Parenting
Contact Trina Alkema by Email
Phone: 520-225-3244

Joan Anderson
B.S. English, Credit Recovery
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Phone: 520-225-3255

Elizabeth Dries
ELA 11, ELA 12, RTI Reading
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Phone: 520-225-3239

Alyssa Figueredo
English 9, English 10, Art, and Journalism
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Phone: 520-225-3236

Jill Jones
Contact Jill Jones by Email
Phone: 520-225-3237

Michelle Magdanz
Algebra 2, Financial Math
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Phone: 520-225-3235

David Rainie
World History, US History
Economics, Government
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Phone: 520-225-3232

Johnson Thella
Algebra 1, Geometry
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Phone: 520-225-3238

Connie Transue
Exceptional Education
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Phone: 520-225-3255

Infant Care Specialists
Gabriela Boteo Flores
Contact Gabriela Boteo Flores by Emall
Phone: 520-225-3286

Stephanie Espinosa
Contact Stephanie Espinosa by Email
Phone: 520-225-3276

Alexander Jackson
Contact Alexander Jackson by Email
Phone: 520-225-3276

Helen Leslie
Contact Helen Leslie by Email
Phone: 520-225-3274

Rosie Madril
Contact Rosie Madril by Email
Phone: 520-225-3286

Andrea Shirley
Contact Andrea Shirley by Email
Phone: 520-225-3276

Emily Stevens
Contact Emily Stevens by Email
Phone: 520-225-3274
Counseling Office
Sarah Deurloo
Social Worker
Contact Sarah Deurloo by Email
Phone: 520-225-3258

Stacy Flores
College & Career Counselor
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Phone: 520-225-3254

Jean Mulvaney
Contact Jean Mulvaney by Email
Phone: 520-225-3251
Office Support
Valerie Molina-Howard
Attendance Liaison
Contact Valerie Molina-Howard by Email
Phone: 520-225-3256

Carmelita Perales
Office Manager
Contact Carmen Perales by Email
Phone: 520-225-3250

If your student is going to be absent please call Mrs. Molina-Howard prior to the absence. To reduce number of absences please make all medical, dental, and legal appointments on Wednesday or Friday afternoons after 2:30pm.
Support Staff
Edward Michel
School Site Tech Liaison
Contact Edward Michel by Email
Phone: 520-225-3255

Maria Rojo
Hall Monitor
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Francisca Rodriquez
Contact Francisca Rodriguez by Email
Health Office
Ashley Osborne
School Nurse
Contact Ashley Osborne by Email
Phone: 520-225-3262